Electronic Invoicing

Best-in-Class Accounts Payable

The annual Ardent Partners State of ePayables report has been tracking best-in-class accounts payable performance and comparing it to the general market for years. Not surprisingly, best-in-class continues to improve each year, with cost per invoice decreasing and the amount […]

Automation in Restaurant Accounts Payable

Customers are becoming increasingly able to order anything online, including food, receive electronic receipts, and have anything and everything delivered directly to their door. They can make online reservations or stand in line at a kiosk to order without ever […]

Automation for Airline Accounts Payable

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on America’s economy and social activity – and airlines took one of the hardest hits. This past year has seen a decline of more than 1 billion passengers, or 64.6% of global airline traffic. […]

Level Up Your Automation

No matter what your invoicing solution is, there is always a way to level up your automation. Making the switch to level up your accounts payable automation can be a big decision, but the time, money, and frustration you save […]

Electronic Invoicing: The Problems it Solves and How it Works

When companies are stuck in the era of paper invoicing, accounts payable departments are at a significant disadvantage. The invoicing process is slower, more difficult, and can have a turnaround time of weeks per invoice. Additionally, countless people handle each […]

PO Match in Accounts Payable Automation

Companies and accounts payable departments that rely on purchase orders to verify invoice and payment information have often been disappointed when automation solutions don’t automatically match an invoice to a purchase order. This often happens because solutions are focused on […]

5 Questions to Ask an AP Automation Solution Provider

No one wants to talk to a salesperson if they can avoid it, and when you can’t avoid it, you want to talk as little as possible. Salespeople aren’t bad people, we just don’t like being told what we do […]

Save the Environment: Go Green in Accounts Payable

Every year on April 22nd, the entire globe celebrates Earth Day. Individuals go out and plant trees, and different companies pledge how they are going to be more conscientious of the Earth. One easy way that your company can do […]

Organization in Accounts Payable

How many times have you put something down in a seemingly easy to remember location, then five minutes later completely forget where you placed it? This happens with everything: phones, pens, books, sticky notes, and, unfortunately, invoices. Organization in accounts […]