Accounts Receivable Payment Portal

iPayables’ accounts receivable billing and payment portal gives your B2B and B2G customers the greatest flexibility in receiving invoices and making payments

Level up your Payment Portal for your B2B and B2G Customers

If your payment portal isn’t providing the functionality needed by your more complex customers, it may be time to level up your payment portal.

  • Our multi-channel/multi-method architecture consolidates providers and systems – simplifying your remittance postings, visibility of payments and reporting/ reconciliation.
  • We can apply rules based on customer types (Dealers, Retail, or as defined customer types), billing account status, payment methods, and other custom attributes while performing validation of remittance data and reconciliation of payment flows to billing systems and your ERP.
  • Exception workflow tools support the research to apply payments or reject payments and to auto-correct future exception items.
  • Reconciliation of settlements and tools to manage chargebacks and returns simplifies back office.


Modernized Bill and Pay Settlement

Hosted websites and other channels to support electronic payments for recurring C2B bill payments and B2B invoice payments.
Drive a seamless user experience with tight partner integration offerings including document presentment and smart reminders.
Multi-channel/multi-method payment architecture allows consolidations of providers and systems while simplifying your payments and funds flow.
Registered ISO with a funds settlement engine providing you end-to-end payment visibility, management and reconciliation.
Open API’s and rules-based payment engine delivers a customized electronic payment solution that is agile in its integration with your systems and responsive to meet your changing needs. 

Your Complete(ly Flexible) Solution

Why iPayables AR Payment Portal?

  • With every implementation we include services and tools to make managing customer payments easier and more efficient for your customer service and accounting teams.
  • Proprietary payment systems and billing account validation logic that reduce administrative errors – lowering costs and friction, increasing e-reach
  • Tools that convert paper notices to electronic channels to reduce past due payments by delivering timely alerts and reminders
  • A Client Portal that provides real-time access to all available payment activity to your customer service agents, improving the customer experience
  • Treasury Management services that save your AR department time and resources:
    • Daily management of your customers’ payments
    • Simplified and accelerated settlement – single, consolidated daily settlement deposit
    • In-flight chargeback and exception management
    • Value-added reporting & simplified reconciliation