Electronic Payments

Save the Environment: Go Green in Accounts Payable

Every year on April 22nd, the entire globe celebrates Earth Day. Individuals go out and plant trees, and different companies pledge how they are going to be more conscientious of the Earth. One easy way that your company can do […]

Payment Automation

In order to make sure your accounts payable department is running as smooth as can be, it’s important to automate every part of the invoicing process. One often-overlooked part of that process is payment automation. Whether it’s because the automation […]

Lose the Paper, Keep the Control

When accounts payable departments start looking at automation solutions, one of their biggest concerns is that by switching to AP automation they would lose control over and productivity in their AP department. It’s a valid concern, so we have put […]

Efficient Workflow with Enterprise-Level AP Automation

An efficient workflow is important in any business, whatever the size. Every department, from marketing and sales to distribution, has to run like the proverbial well-oiled machine to stay competitive. Nowhere is this truer than with enterprise-level companies, where business […]

Best Practices in Payments

Like invoices, paper checks continue to stubbornly hang around. Maybe it’s because, historically, payments were expected to have some kind of heft to them, whether it was a livestock exchange, raw gold or silver, minted coins, treasury notes, or paper […]

Give Your Keyboard a Rest with Electronic Invoicing

Take a look at your computer keyboard. If the letter keys are shinier than the number keys, you’re working too hard. At least you’re working too hard at data entry. But why? Why, when so much of that manual data […]

The Future is AP Automation, So Why Be Stuck in the Past?

Nearly two decades into the new millennium, we believe we’re living in the future, and one thing should be obvious: digitized business practices have become the norm. Even where once paper and pen applications were considered sacred and untouchable, the […]

Changing World of Faster B2B Payments

There has been a lot of talk among business executives about the use of faster B2B payments. Faster payments can be utilized by organizations of any size and in any business sector. According to an article entitled “Faster Payments: Use […]

Healthcare Business Best Practices: Spend Less by Adapting More

In the last couple of decades, the healthcare sector has been under intense pressure to adapt to business advances. However, the sector hasn’t adopted these changes. The growing costs, mass inefficiency, and staff shortage that override the healthcare industry forcing […]