Supplier Portal 1

Your Relationship With Your Suppliers

When considering automation, it’s important to consider everyone affected by that process – that includes suppliers, or vendors. Plus, with a supplier portal, your suppliers won't have to call you anymore, so you can put the headset down.

Supplier Portal

When considering automation, it’s important to consider everyone affected by that process – that includes suppliers, or vendors. Automating is the best choice, but it’s not always easy telling people you work with that things are changing. Fortunately, iPayables is prepared to help your suppliers. Our supplier portal comes at no charge to them, and it makes their job easier. In fact, most suppliers prefer working with a free, high-level portal. With features like invoice status visibility and dynamic discounting, there are less errors and payments are made on time. Your relationship with your suppliers improves and everyone can work more efficiently.


If they choose, suppliers can send invoices through the portal as files. Depending on what each supplier decides is the easiest, they can upload files or set up an automated transfer of files. Regardless how they choose to send the invoices through the supplier portal, your company will receive them quickly and processing will be efficient and fast. Plus, with the way the system works, while you see an increase in productivity and efficiency, you won’t lose any of your control over the process.


Does this cost anything?

No. iPayables does not charge suppliers for the use and support of InvoiceWorks®. Your customer is paying the associated charges. However, if you are being paid via credit card your normal merchant fees will apply; also any agreed upon discounts apply.
Can I send invoices through iPayables to my other customers?
Yes, give us a call and we will show how to send invoices to all your customers.

Do I need to install anything on my computer?
To use iPayables, you need Internet access and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later. For a free edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later, visit Microsoft at

Can other suppliers see my invoices?
No. Only you and your customer can see your invoice.

Can I have more than one User ID for my company if I want others to be able to access iPayables?
Yes. If necessary you can setup multiple users for your company in the administration section of InvoiceWorks®.

What file formats do you accept?
For a supplier submitting only a few invoices a month, there is no format necessary. Simply key invoice information into the iPayables PO or Non-PO Invoice screens. Larger volume suppliers who want to upload invoice files should contact the Support Center at 1-866-874-7932. XML, EDI, and CSV (comma delimited) formats are available. For more information on file formats, contact [email protected]

What does it cost my suppliers?
Nothing! Unlike our competitors, iPayables offers free vendor, or supplier, adoption. In fact, we will work with your suppliers to ensure a seamless transition to paperless invoicing with iPayables. With iPayables you also have the opportunity to offer you suppliers dynamic discounts for early payment.

Can I receive invoices through iPayables from all of my suppliers?
For a supplier to participate, submit a request to your company’s iPayables administrator. Or, send the request to us and we will forward it on, [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, phone number and the vendor/supplier company name, contact and phone number, and vendor number (if known).

Do I need to install anything on my computer?
You should not need to install anything on your computer. If you are having technical difficulties using iPayables, contact your technical support group or call us at the number at the top of the screen.

Can suppliers see the changes I make to their invoices?
Suppliers can only see changes that affect their payment. If you change the price or quantity, or deny the invoice, they are going to be notified and can see those changes online.

Can suppliers tell if their invoice is on my work list?
Suppliers can’t see your name specifically, but they can see that the invoice is awaiting approval. However, your company’s iPayables administrator can see your name specifically and can accrue unapproved expenses to your department