Airline and Aerospace Industries

Helping Airlines and Aerospace soar in ever-advancing industries

Receiving and processing invoices at a fast, consistent rate can improve more than just the accounts payable workflow, especially in the airline and aerospace industries where it pays to have suppliers happy with you. Paper is just an unnecessary weight slowing down your department. Automating your AP department allows for greater discount and rebate capture that can turn payables from a cost-center to a profit-center and gives your process increased efficiency.

iPayables has been working since 1999 to make that process easier. In fact, a major airline was our first customer in 2001. In automating these industries for almost 20 years, we have developed advanced tools and processes, specific for the airline and aerospace industries. InvoiceWorks® for Airlines allows invoices to be electronically checked, processed, and approved, saving an AP department a lot of time and money. Plus, getting rid of paper eliminates that extra weight that’s been slowing your process and productivity. By automating your department, you get the benefits of decluttered desks, faster invoice processing times, higher efficiency, lower costs, and an overall more productive department.

Not All Automation Solutions Will Work in Airlines and Aerospace

The airline and aerospace industries deserve a high level of invoice processing capabilities. There’s just no reason your accounts payable department should be blamed for high company costs when you could be saving the company money. While there are many automation solutions available for AP, few can provide the tools your department needs to excel. iPayables is already connected with IATA and has a supplier portal designed specifically for airlines. Additionally, you can put dynamic discounting into practice and start saving money, all while the control over the process stays in your department.

Specifically for Airlines and Aerospace:

  • IATA IS-XML Import
  • IATA SIS Connect
  • Capture Industry/Company Specific Coding Fields