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Invoice Processing & AP Automation Services

iPayables is the leading provider of Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) services specifically tailored for mid to large accounts payable departments. Boasting a number of Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 clients, iPayables reduces paper processing costs the world over with a blend of innovative technology and excellent service. In our short history, we have processed nearly a quarter trillion dollars’ worth of invoices for over 200,000 companies in 170 countries and in 22 languages.

We specialize in automating accounts payable departments by enabling organizations to improve workflow and streamline invoicing in what used to be an arduous process requiring numerous man hours. By using our advanced EIPP system, companies can process invoices electronically, make changes, and track payments all while eliminating phone inquiries, data entry, filing, and the scanning of documents. Our program is secure, easy to use, and enables any vendor or supplier the ability to access and enter the information they need over the internet.

What differentiates our EIPP solution from our competitors, is our superior service. iPayables is dedicated to building a mutually prosperous relationship with our clients, walking them through the set-up and implementation stages. We do all this while guaranteeing a more optimal workflow through our advanced EIPP system. We make ourselves available to our clients who rely on us for caring customer and technical support. Our business success is predicated upon timeliness and reliability, further distancing us from the competition.

accounts payable automation solutions - electronic invoicing software - ap automation services - invoice processing servicesWith iPayables accounts payable automation solutions you get:

  • Improved Workflow
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Superior Service
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Digital Tracking and Storing
  • Eliminated Phone Inquires
  • Faster Payment Processing
  • Increased Security
  • Reduced Man Hours (payroll savings)
  • Streamlined Supplier Invoicing
  • Eliminated Scanning and Filing
  • Competitive Pricing

iPayables, Inc. was founded in 1999. To inquire further about iPayables and its innovative AP Automation system, contact one of our implementation specialists.


We specialize in...


InvoiceWorks™ is designed to accommodate all of your needs.

AP Workflow

iPayables uses a robust system to enforce the customers approval policies.

Scan to E-invoice

iPayables Scan2e services turn paper invoices into electronic invoices.

Dynamic Discounting

We use advanced algorithms in real-time to determine the appropriate discount.

PO Match / Flip

iPayables works with your purchasing system to create a seamless experience.


iPayables offers the widest range of payment options of any EIPP provider.