The Return on Investment You Can Expect from AP Automation

One oft-cited objection to taking the plunge with AP automation is cost. This is a legitimate consideration. Like the revamping of other systems within a business, going from paper invoicing to automated requires an upfront investment. And yet, like other … Read More

Automation: What’s in it for an AP Manager?

If you’re an AP manager, you’ve already heard the hue and cry: “Time to automate!” No doubt you’ve been told about the convenience of AP automation compared to paper invoicing systems. You also realize that everything else in business has … Read More

Flexibility and Savings: AP Automation’s Tripartite Advantage

Flexibility and savings are important to your accounts payable department, so it’s important that you understand how automation can get you there. Imagine a triangle. There’s an entity listed at each point. The one at the top is your AP … Read More

The Automated AP Department in the Brand-New Decade

It’s 2020. A new decade and a milestone year for calendar watchers who like to measure progress by decades and centuries. This applies not just to science but to business analysts, which means now is an excellent time to consider … Read More

Control and Productivity Can Be Yours!

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get. – Lewis Carroll. Ever feel like that? The harder you work, the more difficult it is to get the job done? You’re never on top of things, losing control, and always flying … Read More

Process of Improving Accounts Payable

Let’s face it. The accounts payable department has never enjoyed a front-and-center existence. Rather than shining under the spotlight, it played its role quietly, behind the scenes. Of course, this was never deserved. AP has always provided a vital function. … Read More

Fraud Prevention Through AP Automation

Fraud prevention has become a major topic of conversation in recent years due to rising numbers. Much of that fraud has been made possible with the advent of online financial transactions. This is a problem for accounts payable departments considering … Read More

The Value of AP Automation May Surprise You

Traditionally, accounts payable departments were thought to have a single role: receive invoices, validate them and pay them. Then accounts payable automation came along and revolutionized the way invoices are processed. A useful tool to be sure, and yet the … Read More

Improve Your AP Vision in 2020

A new year is upon us, and that means resolutions. This year’s number will be an everyday reminder of what our most important resolution should be: in 2020, we all need to get focused on our vision for the future. … Read More

You’ve Automated Your AP Department. What Next?

Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap and automated your AP department’s invoicing system. This took a lot of careful consideration, after which you realized the benefits AP automation can bring to your company. What now? Now you begin to enjoy the … Read More

The Future is AP Automation, So Why Be Stuck in the Past?

Nearly two decades into the new millennium, we believe we’re living in the future, and one thing should be obvious: digitized business practices have become the norm. Even where once paper and pen applications were considered sacred and untouchable, the … Read More

Automation in Your AP Department: What You Need to Know

“Automation” doesn’t necessarily equate with “automatic”. Yet, in this exciting new world created by the personal computing revolution, we tend to think that way. Our digitized data is supposed to be hands-off. Our machines, driven by software, are supposed to … Read More

Viewing Capabilities for Accounts Payable and Vendors

It’s been said that knowledge is power. If so, power starts with unbridled viewing access to information. The same is true with the business world, of course. It takes a lot of time to build trust between companies that want … Read More

Searchable Invoices: Another Key Benefit of AP Automation

When you think of the benefits of electronic invoicing, what comes to mind is the way it speeds up the process of paying and getting paid. Yet an often-overlooked benefit is the way a start-to-finish automation solution makes all that … Read More

See Tracked Changes for Faster Invoice Processing

One of the wonderful things about the computer age is the ability to do business from vast distances instantaneously. This development has, for example, enabled two or more writers to not only work on a document together from opposite sides … Read More