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Automated Purchase Order Match Solutions

iPayables works with your purchasing system to create a seamless procurement experience for both you and your suppliers. iPayables integrates with most purchasing systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Great Plains, etc.) so you can deliver purchase orders electronically to your suppliers. Suppliers can then view or print the purchase order and can send acknowledgments and advanced ship notices. With a simple click of the mouse the purchase order is flipped into an invoice (PO Flip) and the advanced two and three-way match functionality validates the invoice (PO Matching). PO Classes are used to apply the specific two or three-way matching, tolerance and validations specific to that purchase order.

Electronic purchase order delivery and two / three-way match dramatically reduce the paper and the effort required for these time consuming tasks. You and your suppliers gain peace of mind knowing that an invoice is not going to get stuck in a purchase order match exception pile or get lost in the mail. It all leads to a fast, efficient process. How fast? Invoice to PO matching (two-way match) occurs in real time and receiving-to-purchase order matching (three-way match) occurs nightly. Most purchase order invoices are ready to pay the day after the invoice is submitted. This leads to incredible opportunities in discount capture.


Why Switch to E-Invoicing?

For among other things, better accounts payable efficiency and easier cash flow management. There are numerous other reasons to switch to electronic invoicing with iPayables, contact one of our implementation specialists and find out more.
What does it cost?
By switching to electronic invoicing with iPayables, invoicing costs are greatly reduced to around only $1- 3 per invoice. For an exact price quote based on your organizational needs, please contact us today.

Can I receive invoices through iPayables from all of my suppliers?
For a supplier to participate, submit a request to your company‚Äôs iPayables administrator. Or, send the request to us and we will forward it on,[email protected]. Be sure to include your name, phone number and the vendor/supplier company name, contact and phone number, and vendor number (if known).

Do I need to install anything on my computer?
You should not need to install anything on your computer. If you are having technical difficulties using iPayables, contact your technical support group or call us at the number at the top of the screen.