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Accounts Payable Automation & Electronic Invoicing

Imagine a world without paper invoices. Suppliers could key or upload invoices via the internet where they automatically match and route to the appropriate users for approval. There is no data entry and no vendor phone calls. Invoice processing costs are drastically reduced resulting in triple digit ROI within six months. That’s iPayables’ AP Automation. iPayables’ system allows Accounts Payable departments to reach more suppliers and receive more invoices electronically than any other AP automation solutions.

iPayables’ Accounts Payable system makes electronic invoicing easier than ever before by combining quality technical solutions and quality service. Our Accounts Payable solutions, comprised of patented automation tools, eliminate paper, from purchasing to payment reconciliation. So, in addition to making your job easier, you’re also making the world a better place by reducing paper waste.

We understand that making the switch to an automated Accounts Payable department can be daunting. However, through our unique AP Automation Software, we provide a fast result, all while saving you time, money, and resources. Although not all Accounts Payable automation solutions are so simple, at iPayables, we strive to improve your AP department’s experience.

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InvoiceWorks™ is designed to accommodate all of your needs.

AP Workflow

iPayables uses a robust system to enforce the customers approval policies.

Dynamic Discounting

We use advanced algorithms in real-time to determine the appropriate discount.

PO Match / Flip

iPayables works with your purchasing system to create a seamless experience.


iPayables offers the widest range of payment options of any EIPP provider.