Restaurant and Grocery Industries

Helping Restaurant and Grocery Organizations Succeed in a Fast-Paced Industry

Customers are becoming increasingly able to order anything online, including food from a grocery store or restaurant, receive electronic receipts, and have anything and everything delivered directly to their door. Your ability to make payments should be at that same level of automation. A fully automated AP department allows you to send and receive payments electronically, with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

As iPayables continues to help AP departments in the restaurant and grocery industries automate, we appreciate that we’re dealing with intricate systems. Of course, this becomes more difficult when each location is using a different process to handle their paper traffic. iPayables specializes in handling multiple facilities, providing a centralization of automation, visibility, and control while still allowing the process flexibility sometimes required by different locations or business functions.

Not All Automation Solutions Will Work in Restaurant and Grocery

The restaurant and grocery industries are unique because even if your AP department is located in one place, you can’t treat it as a singular location. Each store and location places it’s own orders and leaves it’s own paper trail and most automation solutions just aren’t prepared to improve those processes in the way that would be best for your company. iPayables, in contrast, can provide store-level functionality without threatening your control over the process.

Specifically for Restaurant and Grocery:

  • Store Level Workflow
  • Store Level Coding
  • Capture Industry/Company Specific Coding Fields