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iPayables is essentially a service with an objective of creating a successful initiative with a solid return. Our reputation and financial success lies in the success of our customers.


At iPayables we don’t answer to stockholders or Venture Capital, we answer to our customers, and we answer 24/7. Any time, day or night, our customers can call us for concerns, technical or functional. There are no silver, gold or platinum fees that need to be paid to determine whether a call is returned. Every customer receives ‘platinum’ service.


At iPayables, we support the vendors so our customers don’t have to. Vendor master lists can often be between 10,000 and 100,000 vendors. For a payables department to ask the technology group to support 30,000 new users is asking too much. iPayables ensures successful vendor adoption by: contacting vendors with invitations to participate, following up with appropriate phone calls, assisting / training vendors during the signup process, and providing a full, no-charge, vendor support desk with internet, email and telephone support.


iPayables implementations are fixed fee projects, but sometimes customers or suppliers have special needs after the implementation. For those circumstances, iPayables has skilled consultants available to resolve issues or create innovative solutions quickly.​​ Special projects are reasonably priced and delivered on time. Whether it is just a matter of interfacing to a new electronic invoicing system, or creating new functionality to accommodate a specialized business process, iPayables can allocate the right resources to quickly get the job done.


iPayables provides our customers with customized training tools to fit their specific needs. AP automation implementation can sometimes involve iPayables going onsite to “train the trainer” and supply customer-specific documentation. An online training environment is provided where users can acquaint themselves with the easy-to-use internet invoicing applications.

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We specialize in...


InvoiceWorks™ is designed to accommodate all of your needs.

AP Workflow

iPayables uses a robust system to enforce the customers approval policies.

Scan to E-invoice

iPayables Scan2e services turn paper invoices into electronic invoices.

Dynamic Discounting

We use advanced algorithms in real-time to determine the appropriate discount.

PO Match / Flip

iPayables works with your purchasing system to create a seamless experience.


iPayables offers the widest range of payment options of any EIPP provider.