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Manufacturing Industry

Helping Manufacturing Organizations excel in a competitive industry

Your accounts payable department shouldn’t have the same number of moving pieces as your manufacturing areas. Paper invoices and manual processes take an unnecessary amount of time and effort, slowing down your workflow. Replacing paper invoices with electronic invoices and an automated process reduces costs and increases efficiency and control, giving your department the tools necessary to be cost-effective and productive.

Additionally, accounts payable automation helps eliminate the most common, and the most complex of problems. iPayables is efficient and willing to work with companies to give their AP departments the kind of automation they need. Our solution allows manufacturing companies to work more efficiently, without having to worry so much about keeping track of invoices or matching POs. Less time and money spent on manual tasks like this means more time and money spent where it’s most important to you.

Not All Automation Solutions Will Work in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a unique industry with complex processes due to the volume of invoices received and the form those invoices come in. While there are certainly many solutions available for AP automation in manufacturing, not all of them will work with the processes you have, from the need to communicate closely with suppliers to the ability to match receipts and multiple POs. iPayables is a flexible solution, designed to improve your department and your process, all while leaving the control in your hands.

Specifically for Manufacturing:

  • Multiple POs per Invoice Matching
  • Complex Receipt Matching
  • Capture Industry/Company Specific Coding Fields

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