Accounts Payable Automation

Best-in-Class Accounts Payable

The annual Ardent Partners State of ePayables report has been tracking best-in-class accounts payable performance and comparing it to the general market for years. Not surprisingly, best-in-class continues to improve each year, with cost per invoice decreasing and the amount […]

Self-Service Supplier Portal Increased Use

Many accounts payable departments consider themselves automated due to invoice scanning or an automated workflow. While these, and many other automation features, are great, they are not the highest or most effective form of automation. A self-service supplier portal allows […]

The Value of Accounts Payable

The value of accounts payable has always been high, but the perceived value has, unfortunately, not always reflected this. While there have been many struggles from the recent pandemic, one good effect has been the increased perceived value of accounts […]

Automation in Manufacturing Accounts Payable

COVID-19 threw a wrench into the world of manufacturing. According to one study, “about 1.4 million U.S. manufacturing jobs were lost during the early days of the pandemic.” While this has greatly set back the industry as a whole, many […]

Automation in Restaurant Accounts Payable

Customers are becoming increasingly able to order anything online, including food, receive electronic receipts, and have anything and everything delivered directly to their door. They can make online reservations or stand in line at a kiosk to order without ever […]

Automation for Airline Accounts Payable

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on America’s economy and social activity – and airlines took one of the hardest hits. This past year has seen a decline of more than 1 billion passengers, or 64.6% of global airline traffic. […]

Level Up Your Automation

No matter what your invoicing solution is, there is always a way to level up your automation. Making the switch to level up your accounts payable automation can be a big decision, but the time, money, and frustration you save […]

Free Supplier Portal: The Best Way to Involve Suppliers

When considering an accounts payable automation solution, it is important to think about every party involved – and that includes the suppliers, or vendors. The greatest thing that your AP department can do to best serve your department and your […]

Dynamic Discounting: The Best Way to Early-Pay Discounts

Suppliers often end up waiting over a month to receive payment for a product or service provided. This means the “frozen” capital is temporarily unavailable for the organization to use in other areas, which can often cause tension between the […]