Electronic Payments

AP Automation: 3 Common Misconceptions

When deciding whether to automate your accounts payable department, it’s important to have an idea of what that automation will look like for your department. Unfortunately, there are often misconceptions about what “fully automating” an AP department actually means. Many […]

AP Automation and Cash Flow Management

There are a number of ways which AP automation can benefit the cash flow of a business. Arguably, the most important is the ability to take advantage of better invoice processing, from capture to approval. This boosts overall transparency, which […]

De-Stress with Accounts Payable Automation

The accounts payable department of a company is essential, and yet often under-appreciated. Without the payables department, the business would never pay off suppliers and would therefore come to a halt. The payables department keeps the company running smooth—but it’s […]

AP Automation Savings: Maximizing Your AP Budget

If you’re on the fence about automating your AP department, you may be wondering how much money you’ll actually save. The price tag attached to automation solutions can sometimes seem intimidating—however, when you take into account the vast amount that […]


There are many benefits of payables automation, from time and money saved, to better relationships with suppliers and other departments. Your accounts payable team will have time they didn’t have before to focus on fraud prevention, discount capture, and audit […]

Save the Environment: Go Green in Accounts Payable

Every year on April 22nd, the entire globe celebrates Earth Day. Individuals go out and plant trees, and different companies pledge how they are going to be more conscientious of the Earth. One easy way that your company can do […]

Payment Automation

In order to make sure your accounts payable department is running as smooth as can be, it’s important to automate every part of the invoicing process. One often-overlooked part of that process is payment automation. Whether it’s because the automation […]

Lose the Paper, Keep the Control

When accounts payable departments start looking at automation solutions, one of their biggest concerns is that by switching to AP automation they would lose control over and productivity in their AP department. It’s a valid concern, so we have put […]

Efficient Workflow with Enterprise-Level AP Automation

An efficient workflow is important in any business, whatever the size. Every department, from marketing and sales to distribution, has to run like the proverbial well-oiled machine to stay competitive. Nowhere is this truer than with enterprise-level companies, where business […]