Electronic Invoicing

5 Questions to Ask an AP Automation Solution Provider

No one wants to talk to a salesperson if they can avoid it, and when you can’t avoid it, you want to talk as little as possible. Salespeople aren’t bad people, we just don’t like being told what we do […]

Save the Environment: Go Green in Accounts Payable

Every year on April 22nd, the entire globe celebrates Earth Day. Individuals go out and plant trees, and different companies pledge how they are going to be more conscientious of the Earth. One easy way that your company can do […]

Organization in Accounts Payable

How many times have you put something down in a seemingly easy to remember location, then five minutes later completely forget where you placed it? This happens with everything: phones, pens, books, sticky notes, and, unfortunately, invoices. Organization in accounts […]

Artificial Intelligence in AP Automation

In the 20th century, mankind began its fascination with artificial intelligence. While originally applied to robots, the idea really took off in the early 2000s by not only creating something to mimic what people could do, but creating something that […]

Invoice Management: Are you the boss of your invoices?

Businesses and suppliers have been struggling to manage their invoices since invoicing began.  The sheer volume of invoices that exchange hands results in mistakes in invoices, waiting periods that leave both customers and suppliers feeling antsy, late payments, and a […]

Touchless Invoice Processing

Accounts payable without touchless invoice processing is slow, and can lead to a lot of problems. Think back to grade school, when your teacher had you all sit in a row for a game of telephone. Starting out with a […]

Benefits of Invoice Digitization

As your AP department examines your invoicing processes, you might realize that it is time to make the switch to invoice digitization. Maybe you have noticed one too many misplaced invoices, or maybe your suppliers are getting antsy about the […]

Airline and Aerospace Industries Automation

The airline and aerospace industries are constantly upgrading to the latest technologies for their planes and equipment to ensure efficiency and conservation of supplies and money. But when it comes to their accounts payable departments, oftentimes the airline industry is […]

Lose the Paper, Keep the Control

When accounts payable departments start looking at automation solutions, one of their biggest concerns is that by switching to AP automation they would lose control over and productivity in their AP department. It’s a valid concern, so we have put […]