Accounts Payable Automation for Healthcare

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (better known as HIPAA) set forth requirements for the secure access, storage, and exchange of health information. These requirements extend beyond just hospitals—take for example, HIPAA compliant accounts payable automation for healthcare.

What Does HIPAA Have to Do With AP Automation?

In accordance with HIPAA, anyone (even those not directly involved in the healthcare industry) who comes into contact with private health records has certain affirmative obligations with regard to viewing, storing, and sharing those records. Accounts payable departments are no exception. That’s why leading accounts payable automation provider, iPayables, designed its e-invoicing platform, InvoiceWorks, to be fully HIPAA compliant.

What Key Steps Were Taken in Assuring HIPAA Compliance?

In order to assure HIPAA compliance, iPayables took three important measures for their solution:

1. Removing paper. Paper is the weakest link in secure record-keeping, so it only makes sense to take it out of the equation entirely.

2. Providing a central storage place for all data coming and going between the AP department and outside suppliers and contractors.

3. Using a tracking system that records who has seen or edited certain invoices, and when they saw and edited them.

Audits and Features Made for Healthcare

iPayables is audited annually for HIPAA compliance, and is fully capable of respecting the sensitivity of invoices being processed—as well as the associated regulations required for that sensitivity. iPayables also produces a SOC 1 Type 2 audit annually, and the solution is audited for ADA compliance. For the healthcare industry specifically, iPayables provides:

  • At Rest Data Encryption for All Data
  • HIPAA Required Privacy Tracking
  • HIPAA Audit and Compliance Reports
  • Regulation Compliant Archive for Platform and Historic Data
  • Capture Industry/Company Specific Coding Fields

World-Class Accounts Payable Automation for Healthcare

HIPAA compliant e-invoicing is better assured because of the built-in security measures and centralized records in InvoiceWorks. iPayables’ unmatched dedication to HIPAA compliance for their customers is why some of the world’s most prominent healthcare organizations choose iPayables to automate their accounts payable processes.

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