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Accounts Payable Automation-Surmounting the Supplier Hurdle

High-level accounts payable automation has become well-established across enterprise businesses and is advancing rapidly. However, as with other technologies, even though positive changes are occurring rapidly, they are not necessarily being rapidly accepted. Defining the Problem The most efficient accounts […]

Accounts Payable Automation: The Ripple Effect

Drop a pebble into a pond, or skip a stone across a lake, and watch what happens. The pebble or stone sinks quickly from sight, but ripples spread from the point of impact and keep going after the pebble or […]

AP Automation Savings: Maximizing Your AP Budget

If you’re on the fence about automating your AP department, you may be wondering how much money you’ll actually save. The price tag attached to automation solutions can sometimes seem intimidating—however, when you take into account the vast amount that […]

The Power of Supplier Electronic Invoicing

When organizations are in the market for an AP Automation solution, they rarely think about how the solution they are investigating will also enhance their supplier relationships.  This may seem like a selfish way of thinking, but that is not […]

6 Supplier Benefits for AP Automation

iPayables has been working with suppliers for many years, helping them get set up with automated invoice processing. We have seen firsthand the many benefits that suppliers experience through invoice automation. Some of the greatest benefits from high-level accounts payable […]

ROI and AP Automation

When the time comes for an organization to review options or even pull the trigger on a new investment or project, the notorious ROI will always be the focal point. Many possible initiatives are deemed hard to justify and thus, fall […]

Centralized Control with Automated Efficiency

Challenged with a broad base of locations and employees, enterprise companies need to reduce cost and delays associated with paper processing while maintaining centralized control. While many are already utilizing EDI for much of the transaction volume, there can still […]

Why AP Workflow?

Why is AP Workflow so valuable to an accounts payable department? It’s like the rudder for a boat or wings for a plane: without it, an AP Department can be lacking in direction and could easily get into murky water […]

Using Payables Automation to Survive Economic Downturns

Economic changes can leave an accounts payable department with half of its normal staff, but the same workload. Implementing payables automation can reestablish efficient workflow and payment processes to help bring the situation back under control. Through high-level automation, full […]