Client: America’s Largest Traditional Grocery Retailer

Company Size: 338,000 Employees

Challenged with a broad base of locations and employees, this company needed to reduce cost and delays associated with paper processing while maintaining centralized control. They had already utilized EDI for much of the transaction volume, but were having difficulty reaching smaller suppliers and those suppliers that required more attention in invoice processing.

The company implemented iPayables InvoiceWorks in 2002 and has seen significant savings every year. Invoice Search and Workflow allow the thousands of employees who need to see their invoice information while maintaining business rules and controls centrally.

Cost reduction per invoice has been quantified at over $3.00 in savings per electronic invoice that is processed through InvoiceWorks.
Goal: Reduce costs, maintain centralized control.

Results: Millions in cost savings since implementing in 2002 with increased control and visibility.

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