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Overcoming Resistance to Accounts Payable Automation

Maybe you’ve already heard about the benefits of enterprise-grade accounts payable automation. You might have even taken advantage of a free, no-obligation demonstration and realized that this is the way forward for your company. So, you passed it up the […]

The New Metric: Accounts Payable as a Profit Center

We all know that “profit” and “loss” are the two terms that drive the business world and its metric(s) more than any others. Everything a company does is looked upon with one overriding question: Is it making us money or […]

Automate and Leave the Heavy Lifting Behind

How did we ever get along without computers or the ability to automate? Computers contribute to the operation of just about everything now. From cars to elevators to restaurant menus to medical equipment, computers have a hand in just about everything we […]

Changing World of Faster B2B Payments

There has been a lot of talk among business executives about the use of faster B2B payments. Faster payments can be utilized by organizations of any size and in any business sector. According to an article entitled “Faster Payments: Use […]

Healthcare Business Best Practices: Spend Less by Adapting More

In the last couple of decades, the healthcare sector has been under intense pressure to adapt to business advances. However, the sector hasn’t adopted these changes. The growing costs, mass inefficiency, and staff shortage that override the healthcare industry forcing […]

CFO’s AP Solutions: The Real Cost of Accounts Payable

While most CFO’s are knowledgeable about the major costs of running an organization, they may not be aware of the day-to-day bills that must be paid. Considering CFO’s AP solutions and the volume of payments that go out regularly, it’s […]

The ePayables Winning Mix

Recently, Ardent Partners released a study they call the “State of ePayables” report. In it, they lay out what is the “Best in Class” when it comes to successful accounts payable automation. We hit here on the ePayables winning mix. […]