Dynamic Discounting

Increasing Quality Control in Accounts Payable

In today’s accounts payable departments, concise financial reporting is crucial. A poorly reported accounts payable department can result in omitted liabilities, understated expenses, and a shortfall in supplies to the company. Errors in manual reporting or low-level automation may result […]

Invoice Management: New Opportunities Through AP Automation

Over the last two years, the workforce has seen burnout across departments become more and more of a reality. The accounts payable department is no exception. In fact, manual and low-level accounts payable departments face an even higher risk of […]

5 Essential Features of an AP Automation Online Portal

Online portals are an essential and innovative component to utilize when automating your accounts payable department. It’s also important to know what an AP automation online portal will offer, and why they’re important. When looking at different AP automation online […]

Is Accounts Payable Automation Good for Morale?

With new developments in automation, the fear of machines replacing certain jobs has increased in the modern workplace. With a title like “accounts payable automation,” do people in the AP department need to worry about their positions being replaced if […]

Dynamic Discounting – Tips and Strategies

As AP automation advances, more accounts payable departments have come to realize the benefits of taking advantage of dynamic discounting. This, in turn, has brought many AP departments into a better light within their companies. Typically, an invoice can come […]

AP Automation: 3 Common Misconceptions

When deciding whether to automate your accounts payable department, it’s important to have an idea of what that automation will look like for your department. Unfortunately, there are often misconceptions about what “fully automating” an AP department actually means. Many […]

AP Automation and Cash Flow Management

There are a number of ways which AP automation can benefit the cash flow of a business. Arguably, the most important is the ability to take advantage of better invoice processing, from capture to approval. This boosts overall transparency, which […]

AP in the Pandemic- What Have We Learned Two Years Later?

Since early 2020, life as we know it has changed drastically. The pandemic has caused turbulence not only in people’s day-to-day lives, but in the regular world of business as well. For accounts payable departments specifically, it’s been a huge […]

Speeding Up Your AP Process

Today’s technology is developing and improving rapidly, so it only makes sense that businesses who are seeking to improve would be eager to utilize advancing technology. However, some AP departments are nervous about transitioning to a fully automated process. These […]