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Work Remotely with Accounts Payable Automation

One of the promises of the personal computing age is finally being realized in a big way. In recent years, remote work has become an increasingly viable option for employees. Thanks to the proliferation of powerful home computers and business-grade laptops, plus the business software that supports them, more and more people are able to work remotely.

Cloud computing, online conferencing, and fully automated data exchange, storage, and retrieval have made it easier than ever for staff to safely work in- or out-side of the office. Accounts payable personnel all across the country are taking advantage of this luxury by utilizing the right accounts payable automation solutions.

Enterprise-level automation provides everything needed to cut out paper invoicing completely. Not only does the invoicing workflow become lightning fast, it puts the entire process from purchase order to payment at any approved employee’s fingertips. No need for paper filing or scanning documents, minimal need for data input, and far less phone time – AP automation makes all of this possible.

Here’s how it works. After a supplier fills an order, they send an electronic invoice directly to the accounts payable department via the supplier portal. The automated solution matches the invoice to a purchase order (if applicable), then forwards the invoice to the procuring department for approval. After approval is received, a payment can be sent out to the supplier by check or any form of electronic payment. Along the way, every part of the transaction, including comments, edits, and access, is documented and stored electronically. What used to take a week or more now takes a few days.

And the best part? Everything is accessible in real time to all authorized persons; from the supplier to the procuring and accounts payable departments. That means anyone with a stake in the invoice process can see what’s happening with a few mouse clicks – from the office or anywhere else. All that’s needed is a computer link and authorization to gain access.

The advantages of being able to work remotely are endless. Whether a key person is at an out-of-state conference, on a long overseas flight, or just needs to be home that day for whatever reason, they can take care of what’s necessary to keep the work flowing.

Freedom to work from outside the office is just one of many advantages of becoming a fully automated accounts payable department. Enterprise-grade ap automation is the way to achieve that goal, so don’t wait.

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