Videos: AP Automation Explained Briefly

At iPayables, we’re always telling our readers to stay informed about progress in the world of APIA (accounts payable invoice automation), be it through whitepapers, blogs, videos, or other sources. We also like to explain how industry leading automation can get their workflow moving at cyber speed, saving time and money.

It’s no surprise, then, that we take our own advice. We’re constantly striving to make our products and services better. We’ve found that videos are one of the best ways to get our message out to you in ways that mere words on a page cannot. Many of these video messages are presented as brief, informative lectures on the finer points of e-invoicing. And they’re given by iPayables’ senior staff – some of the most experienced and knowledgeable APIA people on the planet. Other videos tell you what InvoiceWorks® can do for you and your company.

Below are some of our more recent videos:

  • Going Paperless –This short video, presented by iPayables’ CTO, discusses the benefits of receiving and processing invoices electronically, instead of through paper.
  • How iPayables Protects Patient Information – This video discusses the importance of HIPAA compliance in an advanced accounts payable automation solution.
  • How Dynamic Discounting Works – In this video, you learn how high-level automation can result in more return for your dollar than you might have thought, thanks to fast-pay incentives.

Our website has more videos and recorded webinars covering varying topics related to accounts payable automation. In addition, we’re working to continue producing short, informative videos that help explain the automation process. The goal of these videos is to make an easy way for accounts payable departments to stay informed on the latest automation technology and changes companies and AP departments can make to be more efficient. If you would like to receive new videos as we produce them, feel free to contact us and simply request to receive new videos.

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