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Dynamic Discounting – Tips and Strategies

As AP automation advances, more accounts payable departments have come to realize the benefits of taking advantage of dynamic discounting. This, in turn, has brought many AP departments into a better light within their companies. Typically, an invoice can come […]

Invoice Visibility with AP Automation

An accounts payable department that relies heavily on paper often faces difficulty maintaining organization and keeping track of invoices. Lack of invoice visibility can cause turmoil during audit times, or if a supplier calls and has a dispute about an […]

AP Automation and Cash Flow Management

There are a number of ways which AP automation can benefit the cash flow of a business. Arguably, the most important is the ability to take advantage of better invoice processing, from capture to approval. This boosts overall transparency, which […]

AP Automation Savings: Maximizing Your AP Budget

If you’re on the fence about automating your AP department, you may be wondering how much money you’ll actually save. The price tag attached to automation solutions can sometimes seem intimidating—however, when you take into account the vast amount that […]

Increased Control with Accounts Payables Workflow

When creating an efficient accounts payable department, deciding which functions to improve first may often prove a difficult task. If there is no approval process for invoices, they won’t be properly received. Implementing an external AP Workflow by itself is […]

Electronic Invoicing and Why You Need It

The term “electronic invoicing” (or “e-invoicing”) gets thrown around quite a bit in accounts payable. You may have heard it before and wondered: “What exactly is electronic invoicing? And why should I care?” Electronic invoicing, put simply, is an invoicing […]

Building a Business Case for AP Automation

The evidence in favor of switching to accounts payable automation is pretty overwhelming. As well as being faster and more efficient, automating the process of capturing invoices can save your company money at every stage. But building a business case […]

Soft Gains: The Difference AP Automation Makes

When an organization has made the decision to automate accounts payable, often the focus is on increased efficiency. AP Automation certainly provides measurable efficiency gains, but what about the soft gains? AP automation is making a difference for a lot […]


There are many benefits of payables automation, from time and money saved, to better relationships with suppliers and other departments. Your accounts payable team will have time they didn’t have before to focus on fraud prevention, discount capture, and audit […]