Remote Invoice Operations

Cloud Workflow

As the world grows more and more technology reliant, it is important that your accounts payable department has the accounts payable automation tools they need to be successful in the remote invoice operations world. But why is remote work so important?

Before the pandemic hit, remote work was promoted to increase productivity during business trips. Soon, it became an indispensable way of staying connected to the home office for vital data and applications. As security measures improved, it became a way for those stuck at home for the day to stay productive. In more recent times, companies realized that working remotely meant cutting out awful commutes for the employee and saving on office space and other resources for the company – a win-win.

The greatest tool that you have in your remote invoice operation arsenal is your free supplier portal. Through it, you can do your invoicing process from anywhere in the world. After a supplier fills an order, they send an electronic invoice directly to the accounts payable department via the supplier portal. The automated solution matches the invoice to a purchase order (if applicable), then forwards the invoice to the procuring department for approval. After approval is received, a payment can be sent out to the supplier by check or any form of electronic payment. Every part of the transaction – including comments, edits, and access – is documented and stored electronically. What used to take a week or more now takes a few days.

The best part? Remote invoice processing can happen from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and proper authorization. Everything is accessible real time to the authorized persons – from the supplier to the AP department. It is only a mouse click away. On top of it all, electronic invoicing provides an added layer of security and control that paper invoicing does not have. Never again will you forget a vital invoice at home or at the office, creating delays that could have been prevented by electronic invoicing.

The advantages of being able to work remotely are endless. Whether a key person is at an out-of-state conference, on a long overseas flight, or just needs to be home that day for whatever reason, they can take care of what’s necessary to keep the work flowing. Making sure that your AP department’s remote invoice operations are up and running will give you the opportunity to succeed in today’s technological world.

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