Is Accounts Payable Automation Good for Morale?

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With new developments in automation, the fear of machines replacing certain jobs has increased in the modern workplace. With a title like “accounts payable automation,” do people in the AP department need to worry about their positions being replaced if their company decides to implement? Although there is some trepidation that automation will take over accounts payable jobs, the reality is that AP workers actually experience higher satisfaction in their positions after automation is implemented—reaping all the benefits that it brings.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Studies have shown that being intellectually stimulated is the most important aspect of an employee’s job satisfaction. A majority of workers appreciate the value of automation, as it frees up their time to focus on more necessary and intellectually stimulating initiatives. This means AP employees no longer have to worry about the daily grinds of mindless processing. In accounts payable, initiatives enabled by automation can include:

  • Monitoring fraud,
  • Managing discount capture,
  • Spend analysis,
  • Assisting in contract negotiation,
  • Maintaining supplier relationships,
  • And more!

Greater Efficiency

Some employees in accounts payable worry that electronic invoicing tools will leave them with nothing to do. Contrary to those beliefs, automation tools actually provide supplemental help to AP employees, leading to an even more efficient department. With accounts payable automation, there is no longer a need for employees to manually key in invoices, or spend weeks chasing approvals. Instead, they can spend time on value-add activities for the companies, like those listed above. This brings about a faster department with greater efficiency and control—that no longer has to fear the threat of prolonged processes and late fees.

The Many Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

AP managers are quickly realizing that accounts payable automation will free up their time, lowering the need for menial tasks and letting them concentrate on efforts that are more innovative. This innovation is key for the accounts payable department’s success—and therefore, for the success of the company as a whole.

With the use of an abundance of automation features, AP employees will find their job much more rewarding, as they now have time to concentrate on more meaningful work. Instead of fearing the use of automation, AP employees can comfortably and happily embrace it.

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