iPayables Launches New B2B Payments Service

iPayables Launches New B2B Payments Service

New Service Enables Simple and Secure Electronic Payments 

Aliso Viejo, Calif., Sept. 27, 2017iPayables, a leading provider of electronic invoicing and AP Automation solutions, announced the release of its enhanced payments platform, helping organizations streamline supplier payments, significantly improve cash flow and prevent fraud. The new solution is another step in iPayables’ quest to streamline cumbersome financial business processes.

“With the various B2B payment options available today, accounts payables’ payment process is getting more complex. We find many companies procrastinating this learning curve. They continue with the old standard of issuing supplier payments through printed checks, and just endure the inefficiencies” stated iPayables CEO Ken Virgin. “iPayables has a strong history of offering our customers Accounts Payable solutions that simplify complexities, and our new expanded payments platform builds on that history as we empower customers to streamline the supplier payment process with simple electronic payments.”

With the new payments solution, iPayables streamlines the overall payments process, working with customers and their suppliers to facilitate the most optimal payment method for each supplier. iPayables partners with banks, check printers and card networks to facilitate the payments for its customers so that payments become automated and effortless.

A main feature of the enhanced payments solution is the ability to issue virtual card payments. The virtual card generates a single-use card number for each transaction. iPayable’s solution provides built-in and highly customizable authorization controls, including electronic remittance and invoice data, transaction limits, spending parameters as well as supplier-locking.

As Accounts Payable departments deploy virtual card and electronic payment methods, they can capture dynamic discounts or rebates in exchange for more convenient payment terms for suppliers. Once an optimal payment method has been chosen by the supplier, iPayables automatically calculates the dynamic discount amounts, rebate fees, or check amounts and creates the actual payment vehicle.

For more information about iPayables and its electronic invoicing and payments solutions, please visit www.ipayables.com. 

About iPayables
iPayables is a pioneering leader in the automating of accounts payable departments while optimizing workflow and streamlining the invoicing and payables process. By using our advanced internet invoicing system, InvoiceWorks®, businesses can streamline the entire Procure-to-Pay process.

The world’s largest airline, largest grocer, largest restaurant chain and other Fortune 100 companies use iPayables InvoiceWorks® because of its functionality, flexibility, and unmatched value. iPayables provides supplier tools for invoice web-entry, file upload, EDI, PO flip and paper invoice capture; which integrate seamlessly with our robust and dynamic workflow, purchase order matching, dispute resolution, payment and dynamic discounting capabilities. To learn more about iPayables log on to www.ipayables.com

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