Efficient Workflow with Enterprise-Level AP Automation

An efficient workflow is important in any business, whatever the size. Every department, from marketing and sales to distribution, has to run like the proverbial well-oiled machine to stay competitive. Nowhere is this truer than with enterprise-level companies, where business is often conducted from many offices located around the world.

In the modern business world, where staying competitive requires lean and efficient business practices, highly efficient automation is no longer a luxury – it’s a requirement. This is not to say that manual tasks will ever go by the wayside. The point is that your employees are far more valuable when performing tasks their talents are suited to, rather than repetitive and wasteful functions. There just isn’t any place for “busy work” in this business environment.

iPayables recognized this a long time ago and responded with its enterprise-grade accounts payable automation solution. iPayables’ InvoiceWorks® increases efficiency and productivity, even as your AP department maintains complete control over its functions. In other words, your workflow process doesn’t have to change, it just works better and faster.

It starts with your suppliers. When a purchase order is received, they can instantly turn that P.O. into an invoice with the click of a mouse and submit it electronically from almost anywhere in the world. Once received and electronically stored in its own supplier file, the invoice is rerouted for P.O. matching and authorization with a few clicks on your keyboard. Payment is made electronically, too. These electronic processes cut manual handling to almost nothing, leading to quick, easy turnaround, and ultimately, happy suppliers. Maybe there is no P.O. to match. In that case, the invoice gets automatically routed to the right department for approval. A click or two, and the invoice is approved and ready for payment.

Payment is, of course, made electronically in one of a variety of ways that you and your supplier choose. With the transaction complete, the P.O., invoice, authorization, payment record, and any other documentation are all filed in one electronic supplier file for easy retrieval later, as needed. Reports, audits, whatever the records are needed for later, it’s available in one place for instant access.

Bottom line: as soon as your AP department rids itself of the paper invoice monster, which eats up your time and leaves your head pounding, you’ll discover that every fear you had of APIA was unwarranted. Electronic invoicing creates a more efficient workflow, doing everything you do now – following the same steps and workflow – at lightning speed and with far fewer errors. Most companies recoup their investment quickly, with better efficiency and even fast-pay discounts that really add up. And don’t worry about supplier resistance; once your suppliers learn the benefits they’ll receive at no cost to them, they’ll thank you.

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