AP Automation for Restaurants and Grocery

AP automation for restaurants and grocery

Centralized control and efficient workflow are tough when your business spans the country or even the globe. It’s even harder when you’re talking about the food industry, specifically restaurant and grocery chains. Hundreds of brick-and-mortar retail locations means a mountain of invoices for your accounts payable department to process every month. Even using some form of EDI, it’s like wrestling a bear with one arm tied behind your back. Luckily, AP automation for restaurants and grocery is designed to help your department thrive.

The iPayables enterprise-level automation solution services some of the largest restaurant chains and grocers in the country. One client, a major restaurant chain with an estimated 14,000 invoices to process monthly, turned to iPayables after its previous AP automation provider began charging a fee to suppliers. The iPayables solution, which does not require a fee from suppliers, was an attractive alternative.

The benefits didn’t stop there. This chain’s AP department was able to achieve better centralized control, increase its paperless invoicing to over 95% and decrease its turnaround time to less than four days. With this speedy turnaround time, the AP department was also able take advantage of dynamic discounting, earning money back through fast-pay discounts.

Supermarket chains face similar issues. With hundreds or even thousands of suppliers, their invoice processing has to be efficient. Yet grappling with paper invoicing is never efficient. Powerful, comprehensive AP automation that can handle large accounts payable volumes is the only true solution.

One grocer has seen substantial savings since switching to an enterprise-level solution. Like the restaurant industry, implementation of a fully automated system that cut out paper and reduced manual data input to practically nothing meant less labor devoted to invoice workflow, far fewer errors, and real-time access to key data for anyone with a stake in the process, including suppliers. 

Restaurants and grocers are among the busiest industries on a day-to-day-basis. There’s a lot going on all hours of the day. You need to know you have reliable, E-invoicing for restaurants and grocery that will keep your all-important suppliers happy, so that the rest of the company can concentrate on what they do best.

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