Cloud Invoicing is changing how we do business. It’s reforming organizations and giving them the ability to work with a more refined system (AP automation in the cloud).

Organizations around the world are feeling the need to make changes. The traditional way of processing invoices is simply inefficient. In order to improve cash flow, reduce costs and become more environmentally friendly improvements are needed. The old processes of paper invoicing and check processing is slow, costly and lacking in accountability.

Today, cloud invoicing customers can experience lower costs, cash flow enhancing and environmentally friendly methods through Accounts Payable Automation. Cloud Invoice software can be easily implemented as a software service (or SaaS). Cloud Invoicing also means that the hardware and software required to provide the invoicing service is something you do not have to build, maintain or purchase.

Cloud Services are often used because they scale rapidly. Or in other words, they enhance the process and make it reachable in a faster amount of time. It is an efficient option as you only pay for what you need as a consumer and can be rock solid reliable (depending on who you choose as your provider).

Recently at an industry trade show, one of the executives here at iPayables was asked, “how is InvoiceWorks Cloud Invoicing different from everyone else?”  His answer was, “InvoiceWorks includes benefits such as common functionality like PO Flip, Notification Escalation, AdHoc Reporting and Advanced Duplicate Detection, he said. “The completeness of our package and the various options we provide, is something you rarely see in the industry.”

iPayables InvoiceWorks simplifies the process of adopting Accounts Payable Automation. It accelerates the on boarding of business partners, sends and receives legally compliant and digitally signed invoices electronically through the cloud in the formats your business requires. InvoiceWorks can also leverage automation with software that enforces tax and legal requirements.

Cloud computing enables organizations to take on an even wider array of tasks and of delivering more profound benefits for businesses. Cloud services as part of a comprehensive automation package, embraces the benefits of fast, efficient, paperless processing.

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