American Eagle Airlines’ Big Jump – Going From All Paper to All Electronic

American Eagle Airlines operates their Accounts Payable department separately from their sister company American Airlines. In fact, while American Airlines had converted 83% of paper invoices to EDI, American Eagle’s internal processes had made EDI more difficult and American Eagle still received all invoices on paper. For American Eagle, iPayables was not just the answer for a tough group of invoices, it was the entire electronic solution targeting every American Eagle vendor.

Many American Eagle vendors had electronic invoice capabilities and were waiting for the request for electronic invoicing from American Eagle. Shared vendors with American Airlines already had a number of formats in place: EDI, XML, and the most common, CSV or comma delimited flat files. iPayables was able to accommodate American Eagle’s complex business rules with the powerful ClearGear™ workflow engine. Incorporating business rules and organizational hierarchy allowed American Eagle to continue using the business processes that work for them without having to redesign the process around the technology.

To reduce incoming phone calls, American Eagle requests that all vendors use iPayables to check the status of their invoices (paper or electronic), and if needed, to create issues through iPayables rather than calling.

Contact us to get a more detailed analysis of the American Eagle Internet Invoicing Initiative with iPayables, including quantitative results.

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