Affordable Midmarket Electronic Invoicing

Client: Software Developer of Rock Video Games

Company Size: 200 Employees

A developer of some of the most popular video games ever produced, was faced with the decision to add employees to their payables department, or invest in accounts payable automation (AP automation) with iPayables.

The decision to use iPayables InvoiceWorks for electronic invoicing and automation meant they didn’t have to hire three additional employees. They were able to implement iPayables InvoiceWorks with the total first year costs being less than one half of one salaried employee.

While cost containment was important, the greater benefit was complete and immediate visibility into all invoices. While most invoices are submitted electronically by suppliers, those remaining paper invoices are sent by suppliers to a special PO Box where within hours they are transformed into electronic invoices. Goal: Avoid growing a bureaucracy to keep costs low and processes visible.

Results: Savings of $150K per year, scalable without additional costs, fully automated and complete visibility.

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