Accounts Payable Secret: Fear Not the Demo

In this post, I want to talk about that little Accounts Payable secret all you AP managers out there have been keeping.

You know it’s time to get away from paper invoices. You know AP automation is the way forward. You’ve read all about what leading companies like iPayables are doing for large and small businesses to increase efficiency and cut expense. You’ve probably even investigated cutting-edge AP Automation like InvoiceWorks®. You’re ready to take the next step. But you just can’t pull the trigger…

You’re suffering from sales fright.

That’s what you get when you imagine yourself locked in a never-ending sales pitch. It’s the feeling that comes over you when you walk into a car showroom and see a sales agent come strolling your way, hand outstretched. Or when a telemarketer catches you off guard. It can be a nightmare.

A company that’s confident in its product will not sell that product. Sure, the company will market it, just so the public is aware, but it knows the product will sell itself. This is true of the aforementioned iPayables, one of the leading companies for E-invoicing on the planet. Its InvoiceWorks® is so simple to use, yet comprehensive in the functions it delivers, you’ll know right away that it’s right for your AP department.

But first you’ll want a demonstration, right?  It’s the only real way to see what the product can do, and how it works. A demo should be an educational session, and you should welcome it. In fact, you should demand it. After all, it’s the only way to understand how the product’s features and benefits compare to what you have now.

There’s never any pressure with a company like iPayables. The sales philosophy of a leading company should be “If the product can’t sell itself, then no words ever will.” A demo is a demo, and iPayables is happy to provide the product to your company, if you so choose. It will be an informed choice, because that’s the way good business relationships are built.

So, let the accounts payable secret out. Ask for a demo and see how surprisingly enjoyable the purchasing process can be.

You can wipe the sweat from your brow now.

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