5 Questions to Ask an AP Automation Solution Provider

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No one wants to talk to a salesperson if they can avoid it, and when you can’t avoid it, you want to talk as little as possible. Salespeople aren’t bad people, we just don’t like being told what we do and don’t like and what we should or shouldn’t buy. That said, there are some important questions that come up as your accounts payable department looks to increase your level of accounts payable automation, so we’ve compiled a basic list of 5 questions to ask an AP automation solution provider that you now don’t have to ask because we’re also giving you the answer.

1. Why should I switch to an e-invoicing solution?

There are tons of reasons you should switch to a general accounts payable automation solution. Some of the biggest reasons include increased speed, better organization, reduced costs, and increased visibility and control. However, some of those benefits are limited by solutions such as emailed PDFs, outsourcing, and OCR. An enterprise-level solution based in electronic invoicing guarantees all of the above-listed benefits as a baseline. Additionally, this level of accounts payable automation allows your employees to work from anywhere and cuts out the busywork that prevents your department from taking advantage of early-pay discounts and being the most efficient they can be.

2. How much will I save by switching to enterprise-level solution?

We know, when you start applying terms like “high-level” or “enterprise-level” it’s really easy to think that your price is going to increase by switching. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A recent study suggested that most organizations pay anywhere from $3 – 13 per invoice for traditional paper invoicing. This can add up quickly; if your department is processing 1000 invoices a month, that is $13,000 your department is spending on paper invoices. With electronic invoicing through an enterprise-level solution, your invoicing cost can be reduced to $1- 3 per invoice or less – that same 1000 invoices will cost you $3,000 a month comparatively.

3. What about my suppliers?

Suppliers are an important part of the invoicing process, and supplier portals are the best solution for you and your suppliers. While some companies charge suppliers for the use of a portal, there are free, high-functioning portals available, some that have been being perfected for over 20 years and suppliers love them!

4. What processes are automated when I switch?

This question depends on how you choose to automate. If you choose a high-level accounts payable invoice automation solution, especially one with a supplier portal, the entirety of accounts payable is automated. Suppliers submit invoices electronically, and aren’t allowed to submit until all information required by your company has been entered. Any disputes or issues that arise are recorded and handled in real time, which allows for increased control over the process as you always know who’s had access, when, and what changes they made. Approvals are also made electronically, and you can even connect to electronic payments, making your whole process efficient and protected from start to finish.

5. Is my company too big or small for AP Automation?

The best part about automation is that it can easily be scaled to whatever sized organization you have. Different solutions cater to different sizes, but no matter the size of your department or company, there’s an automation solution for you.

This might not be every answer to every question, but these are 5 questions to ask an AP automation solution provider that you don’t have to ask. Plus, this isn’t the first time we’ve done a blog like this and our website has a lot of information and content that can fill you in on the ins and outs of automation solutions. So, if you’re worried about 5 questions to ask an AP automation solution provider or just talking to a salesperson in general, you can hold off a little longer.

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