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Invoicing Change Required for All Suppliers            

Better Visibility and Reduced Processing Times with 5 Star Living


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Getting Started:

Step One - Activate Your Account

Go to the Supplier Activation page

Enter the Priority ID and Password that was given to you on the letter you have received from 5 Star Living and click “next.”  If you do not have this letter handy please call 801-877-5880 to speak to a supplier service specialist who can assist you. Follow the prompts to complete the activation process. See the video below for a demonstration on how to activate your account:

Step Two - Submit Invoices for Approval and Payment

Once you have activated your account, you are ready to submit invoices to 5 Star Living.

Submission Options:

1.) Online Invoice Entry: Flip purchase orders into an invoice or enter Non-PO invoice directly online. Once activated, you can start submitting invoices online.

2.) Upload a File of Invoices Online or Automatically: You can also submit files of multiple invoices online or via FTP (large volumes).

– Multiple file formats are supported and include CSV, XML, and EDI. To get started please email [email protected] or call 801-877-5880.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation. We greatly value our business relationship. If you have any questions, please contact your 5 Star Living contact.

Dear Five Star Suppliers,

Thank you for submitting your invoices using the Supplier Portal!

To assist you in this effort – please note the following helpful tips:

Purchase Orders

  • ALL Invoices require a Purchase Order to be submitted.
  • Our PO’s are alpha-numeric – both the characters and the numbers must be entered. Example: PO-00845672
  • You can search for your open POs using the “Purchase Order Search” feature on the Main Menu
  • If you do not see a PO listed – please reach out to the community to have one created


  • When entering your invoice – enter a quantity of 1 and update the total amount to what it should be for this invoice only
  • Please attach an invoice PDF, if you have one.
  • Please do not use dates as invoice references – use unique references for each invoice.
  • If you receive an error when entering the invoice – it may be due to a PO issue.
  • If this happens – please verify with your community the following:
    • Is the PO in an “issued” status?
    • Are there available funds on the PO?
    • Have them update the PO if needed and then try resubmitting your invoice


  • There are no changes to the payment process.
  • Five Star issues consolidated payments from our Corporate Office.
  • Payments are processed each Thursday for approved invoices with terms me


Juanita Hanson Sr AP Supervisor
Accounts Payable, Corporate Office
400 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02458

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