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Getting Started:

Step One - Activate Your Account

Go to the Supplier Activation page

To activate your account, you will be asked to enter the Priority ID and Password that was mailed to you by BWL. If you do not have this letter, please call 801-224-8300 to speak to a supplier service specialist who can assist you. Once you have your Priority ID and Password, click the activation link below to get started. Follow the prompts to complete the activation process. See the video below for a demonstration on how to activate your account.

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Step Two - Submit Invoices for Approval and Payment

*Please note, all invoices require a valid PO Number (10-digit number beginning with “45”) to be submitted.*

The training materials below will walk you through how to enter an invoice using the online portal. Certain requirements must be met to submit an invoice, so please follow the steps below sequentially to make sure you have met these requirements.

  1. InvoiceWorks Overview – Link
    • This presentation provides an overview of the BWL’s transition to InvoiceWorks, how the invoice process will be changing, and the efficiencies InvoiceWorks can provide for our vendors.
  2. Flow Chart for Invoice Entry – Link
    • This flow chart will help you identify if you have all the requirements necessary to submit your invoice. If you do not have the requirements necessary, it will direct you to the appropriate next step.
  3. InvoiceWorks Vendor Manual – Link
    • Assuming you have met the requirements for invoice entry noted in the materials above, this procedure will provide the step-by-step guidance for entering an invoice.
    • Aside from invoice entry, the InvoiceWorks vendor platform offers many other features, such as the ability to view Purchase Orders and Invoices while tracking the progress toward payment. This document provides procedures on how to use these features.
  4. Additional Information
    • If you need additional help, please reach out to iPayables vendor support at 801-224-8300.
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Getting Help: If you need help with the activation process or submitting invoices please email [email protected] or call 801-877-5880.