World’s Largest Restaurant Company Selects iPayables for AP Automation

Dec. 8, 2010 – Lake Forest, Calif. – The world’s largest restaurant company has selected iPayables InvoiceWorks, the ‘most effective’ e-invoicing and payables automation solution to handle invoice automation.  Utilizing iPayables advanced invoice capture, robust workflow and effective supplier services the company looks forward to increasing Accounts Payable efficiency and capturing a broad array of early pay discounts. It is expected to save over $3 million in the next 3 years.

Ken Virgin, CEO of iPayables, commented, “Too many service providers are charging suppliers. If the customer can save $3.50 by going electronic, but then their automation provider charges the supplier $2.00 in addition to the customer fees, the solution moves from a win-win to a win-lose. There are no savings, just a switch of who’s paying. It has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your ap automation solution. That’s why iPayables charges no supplier fees.”
About iPayables
We’re experts in the automating of accounts payable departments while optimizing workflow and streamlining the invoicing / payables process. By using our advanced internet invoicing system (InvoiceWorks®), companies can process invoices electronically, make changes, and can track payments all while eliminating phone inquiries, data entry, filing and the scanning of documents.

The world’s largest airline, largest grocer, largest restaurant chain and other Fortune 100 companies use iPayables InvoiceWorks® because of its functionality, flexibility, and unmatched value. iPayables provides supplier tools for invoice web-entry, file upload, EDI, PO flip and paper invoice capture; which integrate seamlessly with our robust and dynamic workflow, purchase order matching, dispute resolution, payment and dynamic discounting capabilities. To learn more about iPayables log on to

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