Client: World’s Largest Airline

Company Size: $28B in Annual Revenue

Economic changes left the accounts payable department with half of its normal staff, but with the same workload. Implementing iPayables InvoiceWorks with electronic invoice, workflow and payment quickly brought the situation back under control. Full visibility into the approval and payment process increased supplier confidence and the fast approval times provided critically needed precise cash flow forecasting. iPayables payment tools facilitated quick payment to suppliers while enabling extended terms for the company, opening a previously unavailable reserve of working capital at a critical time in the company’s history. A high profile corporate project, the highly visible automation of invoice processing allowed the payables group to lead company culture in accepting efficiency gains that restored the company to a path of profitability.

Goal: Survive a headcount reduction of 50%, keep supplier confidence.

Results: Full automation fulfilled demand and then some. Additional resources were able to be reallocated after full implementation. Supplier confidence was restored. Additional working capital was made available through iPayables payment tools.

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