The Next Level of Automation: Recent Demo with IOFM

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This past April, iPayables teamed up with IOFM to talk about the next level of automation during their Financial Operations Summit. Our Chief Growth Officer, Scott McKeon, demoed the basics of an enterprise-level accounts payable automation solution and this type of solution helps you take your invoice processing to the next level.

Throughout the course of the demo, Scott covered:

  • Best-in-class accounts payable automation practices,
  • Common department needs and shortcomings,
  • Workload reduction,
  • Workflow capabilities, and
  • Payment options

A lot of companies have good automation practices in place, but iPayables is here to help your company level up your automation, to make sure that your company has the best chance for success as possible. Whether your suppliers want to use paper invoices, email invoices, or utilize our free supplier portal, iPayables will make sure that your company has accurate invoices and an easy-to-use interface.

While it was a weeklong conference with many wonderful presentations and events, many were reaching out to us, eager to hear more about the next level of automation and how they could level-up their departments. Throughout the demo, listeners were highly engaged in the chat and had a lot of great questions at the close of the demo.

To learn more about how you can take your department to the next level, you can view this demo with IOFM here.

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