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AP Automation VS Manual Invoice Processing

Even the most efficiently run organizations can find its manpower and budget drained due to their accounts payable or AP department. It’s not that their accountants or admin personnel are the problem, it’s the faulty, error prone, manual invoice processing […]

Dynamic Discounting a Cash Flow Alternative

Dynamic discounting is more than simply another buzz word or social media catch phrase. It is a method that uses the economic realities to increase the cash flow of a business and gaining more control of the purchasing cycle. There […]

Letting Go with AP Automation

Within the world of Accounts Payable, sticking with the familiar can see an organization fall behind and struggle to compete with market rivals. For those enterprises which have been around a long time, it is surprisingly easy to fall into […]

Trends of E-invoicing for 2015

In a recent Paystream Advisors report, it was noted that the primary trends and motivations behind the adoption of E-invoicing for 2015 included lower labor costs, a decrease in processing costs, a reduction in invoicing errors, and faster approval timelines. […]

2015 Report On Dynamic Discounting

The power to retain and take advantage of early payment discounts should be a primary objective for all accounts payable (AP) organizations. It has the potential to offer companies impressive returns on cash, making it a valuable source of time […]

AP Automation and Your AP Department

Making a case for an automated Accounts Payable system can prove to be more essential than the accounting system itself. While analyzing the accounts payable automation process it proves to be simple and a direct way to improve any AP […]

Switching to Accounts Payable Automation

Despite advances in technology, much of the work done by corporate accounts payable department’s remains manual, handled through paper. There are a number of reasons why this is so, but chief among them is that suppliers have displayed a remarkable […]

Accounts Payable Automation in the 21st Century

In this the 21st century, a profitable and effective accounts payable department is essential for any organizations survival. In fact, taking a closer look at almost any type of business, you will find an accounts payable department at its center […]

Electronic Invoicing Data: A Valuable tool for Restaurants

There are numerous ways in which Electronic Invoicing reduces costs and improves efficiency in the restaurant industry. I could easily write about the increase in productivity as a result of AP workers not have to manually enter in data. Or […]