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Automation and your Company’s Future

John Chambers, the outgoing CEO of Cisco, made a shocking statement to an audience of business owners just prior to retiring in 2015. He stated that 40% of their businesses would be functionally dead in 10 years. His statement was […]

Does Your AP Department Have Terminal Jet Lag?

Technological advances are surging ahead so quickly that many in the business world are experiencing a kind of jet lag. Those who have travelled between time zones know the feeling well. It disrupts your body rhythm, causing you to feel […]

The Effect of Accounts Payable Automation On Cash Flow

Nearly every manufacturing firm has had the experience of checking an inventory list for a requested item and finding that the supply was listed at zero, only to later discover that there were several of the same items sitting somewhere […]

iPayables Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Christopher Naber student at the University of Cincinnati – Winner of the 2015 iPayables Scholarship. Christopher was awarded $1,000 to use for his education after winning our essay contest with the following entry: The NanoWallet “Hey buddy mind picking up […]

Financial Adeptness: #1 Objective for AP Departments

In 2008, an economic meltdown occurred all around the world. It has been almost a decade since the onset of this recession and the first attempts to kick start recovery. While the financial markets have now bounced back and enterprises […]

Better Financial Control with Dynamic Discounting

It’s fairly easy to see why so many organizations still view AP Automation as just a source of handling supplier payments. But in the reality, it can have a major impact on the working capital of the company, like better […]

The Complete Approach to Accounts Payable Automation

When companies implement accounts payable automation, there are a number of substantial benefits they start seeing almost immediately in the areas of financial analysis, relationships with suppliers and better management of AP processes. In addition, they gain the ability to […]

AP Automation VS Manual Invoice Processing

Even the most efficiently run organizations can find its manpower and budget drained due to their accounts payable or AP department. It’s not that their accountants or admin personnel are the problem, it’s the faulty, error prone, manual invoice processing […]

Dynamic Discounting a Cash Flow Alternative

Dynamic discounting is more than simply another buzz word or social media catch phrase. It is a method that uses the economic realities to increase the cash flow of a business and gaining more control of the purchasing cycle. There […]