Smooth and Efficient Accounts Payable Automation

Modern business practices are complex. Anyone who has been employed by, or worked closely with, a large corporation can tell you there are many cogs in the machine. Those cogs need to turn with as little resistance as possible to keep the machinery running smooth and efficient.

One of the major cogs in any business is the accounts payable department. Especially in larger companies. It may not seem so at first glance, but how well your AP department functions has a big impact on everything else. To begin with, timely payment of invoices keeps vendors happy, which in turn keeps your company supplied and chugging along smoothly. But when AP operations get bogged down, so do the other cogs.

That’s why AP automation is so important in the 21st century. As businesses increasingly rely on compartmentalization of functions, harmonious interaction within the company becomes crucial.

iPayables’ goal from the outset was to lift everyone in the procure-to-pay process. To do this, they recognized that an AP department which processes hundreds or even thousands of invoices each month can only handle that workload efficiently with the right AP automation. This could never happen with paper invoicing, of course, but other electronic invoicing didn’t measure up either. So iPayables designed InvoiceWorks® to handle anything that’s thrown at it. And it does, as proven time and again.

The secret? A smooth, efficient, and comprehensive platform thoughtfully engineered to anticipate each company’s unique needs, yet flexible enough to handle changes as the company grows. With InvoiceWorks®, vendors are happy because payment is swifter and lost invoices are no longer a problem. Accounting is happy because all the data they need is easily accessible in real time. And the bottom-line watchers are thrilled because AP is now saving money with fast-payment discounts, rather than paying out late penalties.

InvoiceWorks® puts everyone in the game all at the same time, so there’s no more sitting on the sidelines wondering what’s going on. Matching up other documentation like purchase orders is practically automatic. Vendors can find out where their invoice stands right from their own computer. Authorizations can be obtained in seconds, not days.  All with a few mouse clicks.

InvoiceWorks® has accomplished what others could not, and the result is a win for everyone in the procure-to-pay chain. So go ahead. Take advantage of iPayables’ obsession with perfection. Request a demo of InvoiceWorks® today, and let yourself and your company be lifted.

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