iPayables - Electronic Invoicing and Approval Workflow


iPayables Scan2e services turn paper invoices into electronic invoices (e-invoicing). This allows our customers to meet their targeted goals for electronic invoicing quickly, even though some suppliers might still be sending paper. This is a great feature for those few suppliers who can’t do electronic invoicing yet. Just give those suppliers our billing address and the invoices show up in your system electronically with the image attached.

With iPayables Scan2e services, supplier invoices are sent to iPayables where an imaged copy is made and an electronic invoice is created. The electronic invoice contains data from the original as well as the imaged copy as an attachment to the invoice. The invoice is then routed the same way as other e-invoices through InvoiceWorks™ for approval.

At any time, an approver can click on the attachment in the electronic invoice and view the original image of the paper invoice. We realize that not every supplier will move as fast as you. But with iPayables Scan2e services, your company doesn’t have to wait for the laggards to see all the efficiencies of electronic invoicing.

Scan to E-Invoice Services – Scanning Invoices into Accounts Payable


We specialize in...


InvoiceWorks™ is designed to accommodate all of your needs.

AP Workflow

iPayables uses a robust system to enforce the customers approval policies.

Scan to E-invoice

iPayables Scan2e services turn paper invoices into electronic invoices.

Dynamic Discounting

We use advanced algorithms in real-time to determine the appropriate discount.

PO Match / Flip

iPayables works with your purchasing system to create a seamless experience.


iPayables offers the widest range of payment options of any EIPP provider.