Restaurant and Grocery Industries Automation

Restaurant Automation

As more and more locations in the restaurant and grocery industries turn to online ordering and delivery services, customers are enjoying the ease that comes with sitting on the couch while their food arrives at their front door, seamlessly ordered from an app on their phone. Your accounts payable department’s ability to connect with suppliers, process invoices, and make payments should be just as easy.

Yet, when it comes to automating their nuts-and-bolts business functions, many restaurants and grocery stores still lag behind. Even in the ever increasingly availability of electronic everything, many accounts payable departments are still clinging to paper invoicing, slowing their processes down and straining relationships with their suppliers.

Why? The biggest reasons that come up are the hassle of switching and the cost associated with switching automation solutions. Luckily, neither of these are as challenging or expensive as AP departments tend to assume. Leveling up your automation may require finding and implementing the best solution, but it leads to a large pay-off, both in the long- and short- term.

You might say to yourself – this works for local restaurants or grocery store, but what about a company that spans the country, or even the globe? Luckily, accounts payable automation for the restaurant and grocery industries is designed to help your department thrive. iPayables specializes in handling multiple facilities, providing a centralization of automation, visibility, and control while still allowing the process flexibility often required by different locations or business functions.

A prime example of the ease of switching was demonstrated not too long ago, when iPayables took on the task for the world’s largest restaurant chain, switching from its old electronic method to iPayables’ InvoiceWorks®. In just a few months, InvoiceWorks® was up and running smoothly, processing 1.7 million invoices annually, resulting in greater efficiency and better productivity. The result was less expense and fewer headaches for both the chain and its valued suppliers.

Not only is the process of switching to automation smooth and hassle free, but AP automation allows for easier day-to-day operations in chain restaurants and grocery stores. Your floor managers will be freed from the mind-numbing tasks of fielding supplier calls and painstakingly going through and tracking paper invoices. With an automation solution, updates are just a click of a mouse away.

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