When was the last time you wrote and mailed a letter to a business client? Or how often do you fax memos to your suppliers? Technological innovations over the past few decades have changed the way we conduct business and have led companies to become less reliant on paper and far more eco-conscious. Nowadays, the regular use of electronic platforms in the workplace including emails, instant messaging, texts and tweets has become the norm.

Strangely, despite all of the available digital platforms and the electronic savvy required to conduct business in the twenty first century; many Accounts Payable departments are still receiving and processing their invoices using paper! On the other hand, organizations that utilize AP automation and electronic invoicing with iPayables; enjoy reduced man hours, money savings and a streamlined invoicing and payables process.

Our application (InvoiceWorks) allows vendors to complete, submit and review invoices online and is currently being used by some of the largest organizations in the world (American Airlines, Delta, Kroger, KFC and Paramount to name a few).

However, once you switch to electronic invoicing using iPayables InvoiceWorks, you might be left with a lot of old, un-needed paper invoices. So what do you do with them? Two words: paper boat!  At the bottom of the page are instructions on how you would fold an invoice into a paper boat and be able to send it on down the river. Have fun!

Paper Boat