The Future is AP Automation, So Why Be Stuck in the Past?

Nearly two decades into the new millennium, we believe we’re living in the future, and one thing should be obvious: digitized business practices have become the norm. Even where once paper and pen applications were considered sacred and untouchable, the … Read More

Automation in Your AP Department: What You Need to Know

“Automation” doesn’t necessarily equate with “automatic”. Yet, in this exciting new world created by the personal computing revolution, we tend to think that way. Our digitized data is supposed to be hands-off. Our machines, driven by software, are supposed to … Read More

Viewing Capabilities for Accounts Payable and Vendors

It’s been said that knowledge is power. If so, power starts with unbridled viewing access to information. The same is true with the business world, of course. It takes a lot of time to build trust between companies that want … Read More

Searchable Invoices: Another Key Benefit of AP Automation

When you think of the benefits of electronic invoicing, what comes to mind is the way it speeds up the process of paying and getting paid. Yet an often-overlooked benefit is the way a start-to-finish automation solution makes all that … Read More

See Tracked Changes for Faster Invoice Processing

One of the wonderful things about the computer age is the ability to do business from vast distances instantaneously. This development has, for example, enabled two or more writers to not only work on a document together from opposite sides … Read More

Dynamic Discounting: It’s Time to Start Earning Accolades

It’s tough to work in an office that gets little respect. The triumphs of other departments like Sales or Research and Development get trumpeted throughout the company: their accomplishments are palpable and highly visible, and they even get plaques, trophies, … Read More

Vendor Portal: Teaming Up with Vendors in Real Time

We all like to think we have an excellent relationship with each vendor we work with. We’re happy that they supply what we need, and they’re thrilled to have the business. But as anyone who’s run into glitches in the … Read More

Bringing Inner Peace to Your AP Department

It’s a tough world. Inner peace is hard to find, especially in the workplace. Razor thin profit margins, quickly changing technology and offshore competition all add to the stress of trying to keep your business afloat. In this climate, how … Read More

Accounts Payable Secret: Fear Not the Demo

In this post, I want to talk about that little Accounts Payable secret all you AP managers out there have been keeping. You know it’s time to get away from paper invoices. You know AP automation is the way forward. … Read More

Productivity vs. Productive Effort: What’s the Difference?

I was reading a blog recently about the virtues and vices of productivity tools. The post took on the numerous apps and platforms available to make you more productive. To-do lists, date organizers, daily reminders, for example. It seems custom … Read More

Smooth and Efficient Accounts Payable Automation

Modern business practices are complex. Anyone who has been employed by, or worked closely with, a large corporation can tell you there are many cogs in the machine. Those cogs need to turn with as little resistance as possible to … Read More

How to Pitch Your Request for AP Automation

“Can we talk?” There they are, the three words you dread saying. After spending hours researching the benefits of accounts payable automation, you’ve decided it’s time to sell it to your superior. As AP Director of your company there’s a … Read More

How AP Automation Makes Audits Less Stressful

Audit. That “A” word. Ever notice how just the sight or sound of it makes you feel? It’s like nails scraping on a blackboard. It shouldn’t be. If your accounts payable department is running on all cylinders, it can be … Read More

Best in Class- Is Your AP Department There?

Time costs money; best in class level efficiency saves both. In the business world, this isn’t just a mantra for motivation. It’s a cold, hard fact that companies deal with every single day. In order to compete in the modern … Read More

OCR ≠ AP Automation

We all know the story of the guy who bought a do-it-yourself plumbing kit, thinking he’d save a little cash. Thousands of dollars in damage later, he admitted he should’ve sprung for a professional in the first place. That guy … Read More