Manufacturing: Automating the Office Efforts

accounts payable automation for manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, manufacturers are always looking for an edge over the competition. On the production line, that might look like aggressive pricing and better response to demand, without impacting product quality. But if the assembly line is the only place where manufacturers innovate, then they’re missing key ways they could crucially cut down on costs.

Manufacturing is a unique industry with complex processes due to the volume of invoices received and the different forms those invoices can take. How things are done in the office has a direct and substantial impact on the company’s bottom line, especially when it comes to the accounts payable department. Every month, AP departments deal with paper invoices and manual processes that take an unnecessary amount of time and effort, slowing down the workflow.

While there are certainly many solutions available for accounts payable automation in manufacturing payables departments, not all of them will work with the processes you have, from the need to communicate closely with suppliers to the ability to match receipts and multiple POs. Enterprise-level automation means a flexible solution, designed to improve your department and your process, all while leaving the control in your hands.

This type of solution is efficient and able to work with companies to give their AP departments the kind of automation they need. It allows manufacturing companies to work more efficiently, without having to worry so much about keeping track of invoices or matching POs, as the system does it automatically. Less time and money spent on manual tasks like this means more time and money saved and reallocated to where it is most important to you.

The right e-invoicing solution can save your AP department a great deal of time, aggravation, and money. Case in point: Fortune 500 clients have been switching to the InvoiceWorks® solution from iPayables for close to twenty years, and the results have been dramatic. Using InvoiceWorks® flexible and user-friendly program, their AP departments have replaced paper invoicing and clunky computer spreadsheets with a simple point-and-click interface that’s fast, responsive, and available 24/7.

Don’t slow down your production line – add to your company’s competitive edge by retooling your accounts payable department with an industry-leading accounts payable automation solution.

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