iPayables Study Shows AP Managers Benefit From AP Automation

Jan. 16, 2012 – Lake Forest, Calif. – During the month of November, iPayables did a survey with several of their clients that are using InvoiceWorks.  The study focused exclusively on AP Managers and how electronic invoicing and AP Automation impacted them personally.  All responses reflected a positive impact to the AP Manager’s career and stature in their organization.  Noteworthy are the following quotes:

“Ten years ago the concept that we could ever really eliminate paper invoices (beyond the traditional and very limited, EDI) seemed impossible.
When I connected with the iPayables team, together we actually made it happen; it was very well received and got a lot of notice.”

“iPayables completely transformed the way invoices are processed within our organization.”

“A Huge Positive Impact!”

““provides our vendors and internal customers with the ability to be   truly self service”

“We no longer operated a paper invoice approval process. We eliminated a need for front end audit and physical signatures to pay an invoice.”

“Our department received immediate visibility to the organization and as the benefits of the new system were discovered, we became seen in the most positive light AP has ever experienced. Personally, I believe I was seen by executives and other managers in a positive light as well. I received a promotion after the first year we implemented InvoiceWorks.”

CEO, Ken Virgin, commented on the study.  “We promise customers that we will lower per invoice costs and strengthen the reputation of their payables department.  The study confirms that we deliver.”

About iPayables
We’re experts in the automating of accounts payable departments while optimizing workflow and streamlining the invoicing / payables process. By using our advanced internet invoicing system (InvoiceWorks®), companies can process invoices electronically, make changes, and can track payments all while eliminating phone inquiries, data entry, filing and the scanning of documents.

The world’s largest airline, largest grocer, largest restaurant chain and other Fortune 100 companies use iPayables InvoiceWorks® because of its functionality, flexibility, and unmatched value. iPayables provides supplier tools for invoice web-entry, file upload, EDI, PO flip and paper invoice capture; which integrate seamlessly with our robust and dynamic workflow, purchase order matching, dispute resolution, payment and dynamic discounting capabilities. To learn more about iPayables log on to www.ipayables.com

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