iPayables Introduces New Ad Hoc Reporting Service

Dec. 14, 2012 – Los Angeles, Calif. – iPayables Customers now have the ability to quickly and easily access archived accounts payable data and formulate reports; access to which have been traditionally limited. With the addition of the Ad Hoc Reporting feature, more reports and more valuable information can be easily obtained. With Ad Hoc Reporting, users can create any report as simple or as complex as desired without having to email a query to an IT specialist.

Ad Hoc Reporting enables the user to select what information is needed and formulate a report based upon the pre-determined criteria; thereby capturing more in-depth data. Several iPayables customers have recently added the Ad Hoc Reporting feature as part of their electronic invoicing package, including the world’s largest airline, largest grocer and the largest retail restaurant.

Ad Hoc Reporting also allows users to build their own reports and change existing ones with little training. It formulates reports while meeting individual information requirements and users can modify and sift through the data with information analysis. This type of flexibility helps free up valuable IT resources and disseminates information more rapidly, which is a valuable commodity for larger organizations.

Ad Hoc Reporting as part of iPayables’ InvoiceWorks, was built with the user in mind. It simplifies invoice and account data collection and creates a user friendly experience. To learn more about Ad Hoc Reporting and the other innovative AP automation and electronic invoicing services provided by iPayables, please visit our website at www.ipayables.com.

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