How to Pitch Your Request for AP Automation

“Can we talk?”

There they are, the three words you dread saying. After spending hours researching the benefits of accounts payable automation, you’ve decided it’s time to sell it to your superior. As AP Director of your company there’s a lot at stake and your anxiety level is up there.

It doesn’t have to be. If you’ve done your homework, then you know AP automation is the right direction for your company. All you need now is a list of talking points.

And here are those talking points. But before we get into them, remember: the company you choose for your AP automation is just as important as the electronic invoicing itself. So, be prepared to offer your superior the name of the leader in this field, iPayables’. Once your superior looks into iPayables InvoiceWorks® AP Automation, and requests a free consult, all doubt will evaporate.

So, without further ado, here are your talking points:

  • Time costs money; efficiency makes money. This isn’t just a cute tag line. It’s actually true. An AP department can make money for the company by cutting lag time between receipt of invoice and payment. You know those fast payment discounts some of your vendors offer, the ones for which your department has never been able to qualify? Now it will, saving substantial money every month.
  • You’ll save on material and resources in many other ways. For example, how much of the paper coming through the mailroom is invoices? How much of the mail going out is checks stuffed inside envelopes with return copies of those invoices? If you want to save on paper, postage, even mailroom labor, automating invoices with your vendors is the way to go.
  • You’ll be able to divert labor away from mundane tasks. Employee hours spent dealing with paper invoices can pile up. Opening mail, logging in data, rerouting invoices for approval, matching them up with purchase orders. This time is better spent doing other things, and it will be, since AP automation performs in seconds what used to take forever.
  • Your vendors will love you. Your AP department will no longer be paying late, but that’s just part of the good news. Vendors love AP Automation like InvoiceWorks® because it lets them see in real time what’s going on with their invoice. Plus, it’s so easy to use. They’ll never want to use paper again.
  • Everything is where it should be. You know that paper chase that goes on every month? The one where people are trying to track down where an invoice ended up, or whether it was approved on time? No more of that with Accounts Payable Automation. Everyone has real time access to electronic invoices, and there’s no paper to get lost.

There you are, your five main talking points. The thing to do next is go to iPayables and find out what their InvoiceWorks® E-invoicing has done for some of the leading companies in the world. It may surprise you.

Now your homework is complete. Breathe a sigh and get ready to say those three words:

“Let’s get InvoiceWorks.”

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