Four Goals for iPayables 2021


As we welcome a new year, we at iPayables are excited to continue working with accounts payable departments to help improve their work situations through enterprise-level automation. As our company leaders discussed what we could focus on as a company this year, four goals were established for our company in 2021.

1. Company Growth

As with most companies in every industry, iPayables is looking to continue growing. However, in 2021 we’ve set the goal to not only grow, but to become a fast-growing company. That means putting in more time and money in upfront to hire more people and continuing to offer the best automation payable automation solution to our customers and the market as a whole.

2. Product Development

For over two decades now, iPayables has worked to be at the forefront of accounts payable automation technology, especially in supplier portals. This year we’re renewing our goal to be the leaders of our industry, providing cutting-edge technology. Efforts are already in place to ensure our portal and digitization solutions utilize the best AI and machine learning available.

3. Individual Customer Satisfaction

We recognize that we would be nothing without our customers, old and new. While we have always made customer satisfaction a priority, this year we’re striving to ensure this satisfaction with each customer on an individual basis through more frequent reviews and product assessment. As part of this, we also have a goal to show our appreciation for our customers more frequently and directly.

4. Employee Lift

Our employees are key to the services and products we’re able to provide at iPayables, which is why our final of the top four goals of 2021 is to continue improving their work experience. We want to work with our employees to create the best work environment possible, at the office or from home. As we continue working with them, we know they’ll continue developing, selling, and managing high level automation for accounts payable.

While there are certainly other goals we strive for at iPayables, these are our top four goals and commitments for 2021. As we focus on our employees, customers, and products, we will be able to grow at a faster rate and be better able to provide accounts payable invoice automation services.

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